Wednesday, June 1, 2022

May 2022

 (Edit: I realized I forgot about "digital purchases" so update to my purchases below.)

Here's my May.

And my purchases
  • Complete Middle Egyptian, by Richard Bussman. Should have gotten this earlier.
  • Esperanto and Languages of Internationalism in Revolutionary Russia, by Brigid O'Keeffe. Pre-order. Can't wait till this comes out...IN DECEMBER. Ugh.
  • A Person from England and Other Travelers to Turkestan, by Fitzroy Maclean. 1st ed. hb w/dj. Will start this soon.
  • Ukridge, by Wodehouse. This and the next three were on a deal.
  • Mulliner Nights, by Wodehouse
  • Summer Moonshine, by Wodehouse
  • Money in the Bank, by Wodehouse
  • Cluny Brown, by Margery Sharp. Sharp!
  • Between Two Worlds, by Upton Sinclair. Lanny Budd series. Heard it's good, and all the novels seem to come up on Kindle deals, so why not?
  • The Cave, by Saramago. Based on The Double, I got this one for 2 bucks.
  • Papillon, by Henri Charriere. One night of BCS class, my instructor and I talked about this movie. Very next day, this book on Kindle deals!
  • Earthlight, by Arthur C. Clarke. Never heard of this one and I thought I'd read all his.
  • How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, by Corinne McKay. I am translating Mi Stelojn Jungis al Revado, after all.
BCS is going well. The language is coming back, slowly. I'm going to try to do another 2-3 months starting in late September. (This iteration goes through July.) I'm also doing the Hippocrene and Complete Croatian still, at lesson 5 and 4, respectively. Middle Egyptian also good. That Complete text above is a great reinforcement for C&M.

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