Friday, May 13, 2022

The Double, by Jose Saramago

 This is my first Saramago that I've read. My wife loved Blindness. I couldn't get into it years ago when I attempted it. But this one...


There's no real chapters. There are breaks between scenes, but not always. Sometimes the POV changes within one of these sections. But otherwise, this is pure stream of consciousness stuff. Not even dialog. Or, rather, dialog is separated by commas, all within the same paragraph. Very strange. 

The Double deals with two identical people. Not twins. Not closely similar. But the exact same person. A scar that one of them gets when younger, the other one has. Everything the same. Yes, even the penis. 

There are women involved, and yes, each one sleeps with the other's woman. But the ending...unsuspected. It really shocked me.

Spoilers done.

While reading this, another Saramago came up in Kindle deals: The Cave. Certainly a future read.

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