Friday, May 27, 2022

Money in the Bank, by Wodehouse

 Another great read from the Master. Interesting that the wife and I were talking recently about some authors' inability to write women. Specifically we were discussing Hemingway, his Maria in Bell Tolls was ugh. So plastic, subservient and boring. 

But Wodehouse, no. His female characters have pluck, have personalities, lead themselves equally in most cases. Mrs. Clarissa Cork, woman on the savannah, killer of beasts, she was spectacular. Ditto Anne Benedick. Yet, Mr. Wodehouse still writes them with a care that I appreciate; I still want my characters to fall in love and live happily ever after. This he does so well. 

I got this book recently in a great deal from a bookstore in Oregon. They popped up on Abebooks with several Collector's Wodehouse editions in great shape and low price. So I bought four. Of course. And now I have to stay away from their presence on the website for fear of buying more. 

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