Thursday, February 25, 2021

Russian results

 So how about this? 3/3 on the Russian reading and listening DLPT. (Only took 34 years.) And, a 2+ again on the OPI. 

And no, I'm not going to sit for the upper level DLPT, thank you very much!

Saturday, February 6, 2021


 This year's testing is complete, and I've got great news. For the first time since I started taking DLPTs 30+ years ago, I finally got a 3/3 in Russian. 

For the uninitiated among my dear reader(s), that's a great score. That's the max you can score on the lower range DLPT. Yes, I can sit for the upper range test, but holy hell, I think I barely made the 3/3 this time. Not sure I wanna try for a 3+. Honestly don't think I am a 3+.

So, listening and reading tests done for a year. I did the OPI on Tuesday, but of course those take a bit of time before the results come through. Last time I got a 2+, which was miraculous. This time I think I'm a solid 2 but possibly a 2+. She was pushing me with multiple topics, and that's normally a sign they're trying to get you to the next level. My God, I hope she wasn't trying to get me to a 2! 

I guess all the studying and the one-on-one with Marina worked. I'll hold off on the celebration till I get the OPI score back. Пожелай мне удачи, дорогой читатель!

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