Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Network Effect, by Martha Wells

 Murderbot is back! I just had to...

Spoilers \/ \/ \/

Dear reader(s) know I love me some Murderbot. And in this one, number 5 in the series, I get not two, but three of the killing machines! 

But how? Well, software for one, and a surprise for another. No, despite the spoiler warning above, I still won't tell you. But it was awesome and makes me wonder if I should read #6.

As usual, our lovely curmudgeonly Murderbot and his don't-touch-me-dirty-human self gets a bunch of stupid humans out of trouble. But gets into trouble himself. Who gets him out of it? ART returns, as does the surprise. Alas, no humans save him, but they love him and care for him and like him and wanna hug him. But they don't. 

I'm wondering where this'll go with #6. Will he go off with ART and come back? Or will he not return to the humans who love him? We'll see.

Spoilers, up there ^^^

Murderbot is a great sci-fi series, from an author who apparently is a fantasy author. Brava, ma'am!

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