My Languages

Tested languages:

Russian: 3/3 on DLPT5 in February 2022; 2+ OPI in Feb 2022;
BCS: 1+/1+ on DLPT5 in November 2022;
German: 2L/1+R on DLPT5 in May 2021;
Italian: 1L/2R on DLPT IV in May 2019;
Esperanto: C1 on the KER skriba ekzameno (writing and reading) in 2017;
Slovenian: 2+L/3R on DLPT II in 2002;
Czech: 1/1 on DLPT IV in 1996.

Studied languages:

Swahili, Cornish, Latin, Old English, Middle Egyptian, Coptic, Hittite, Irish, Spanish, Kyrgyz, Meadow Mari, Choctaw, Lakota, French, Norwegian, Danish

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