2022 Reading Challenges

70 Books
Did 80 books last year, but who the hell knows what each year will bring (COVID anyone?) so going to try for 70 this year. 

Sounds fun. My first two books here.

Going to aim for Linguist in this challenge, meaning at least 10 books in translation.

Longer Reading Challenges

Classics Club 
Just joined these guys and the basic requirement of the Club is to list 50 classics you want to read over the next five years, which I've done here.

2022 Language Challenges

Russian: Last year I earned my first-ever 3/3. I'd like to get that again and take the upper level DLPT in at least one modality. Update: Got the 3/3 again and took the upper level reading test and am still a 3.

Another language: I want to get proficiency back in at least one stale language this year, be it Italian or German or Serbian/Croatian. How to measure "back"? Let's say at least a 1/1.

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