2023 Reading Challenges

80 Books
Read 88 books last year, so going to try for 80 this year.

Going to aim for Linguist again in this challenge, meaning at least 10 books in translation. January update: 1 down (French), 9 to go.

Longer Reading Challenges

Joined these guys in late 2021 and the basic requirement of the Club is to list 50 classics you want to read over the next five years, which I've done here. In 2022, I read 10 of them. I'm going to aim for 10 again in 2023.

2022 Language Challenges

Russian: Last year I earned 3/3 again. I took the upper level Reading DLPT and boy was that hard. Still a 3. This year, I'd like to get 3/3 again and take the upper level DLPT and get a 3+.

Esperanto: I really want to attend NASK this year. I had signed up last year, but then we had to move the week I would have been in North Carolina, and there was no way I'd leave yet another move to my wife. Not really a challenge, but we'll see what 2023 brings for my Esperanto proficiency. 

General: I'd like to read at least five books this year in a foreign language. 

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