Thursday, March 25, 2021

Books, books, books

 So much reading has been going on!

First off, some nice hard sci-fi. Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space. Outstanding space opera, with solid science behind it. Unlike another recent read which just was plain horrible. Don't even want to mention its name, but yuck.

Next up was dumb luck. One night at dinner I saw the British colonel here eating alone, so I joined him. Talk at one point finally led to our reading interests I mentioned my love for Evelyn Waugh. Turns out he wrote his dissertation on Waugh. Then we talked for about a half hour, comparing books. During this discussion, he mentioned Kate Atkinson's A God in Ruins. So of course I had to read it. Oh. My. God. Best book in about a year. Best since The Memory Police. I cannot stop thinking of this book and it's been about a month already. So glad I sat with him that night!

Next up was a book I started at least twice over the years. I got it on Audible and finally finished it. All the crows around here, I felt I had to know more about corvids, in this case, ravens: Bernd Heinrich's Mind of the Raven. Great book, this guy really knows his stuff. These birds are so interesting, I can't wait till we move again as I'm going to set up a feeding station for ravens and crows and see if I can get them to bring me gifts. 

Finally, the family book club choice most recently was John Scalzi's Redshirts. So funny. Clever. Definitely read the codas at the end. No, it's not about Star Trek. 

OMG, how did I not publish this one. I wrote the above on 25 Feb, and just now looking here and realized I never published it. 
So many more books have been read! But I'll save that post for another time. 

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