Friday, November 11, 2022

Sea and Sardinia, by D.H. Lawrence

 I picked this book because 1) I never read a D.H. Lawrence book and b) I needed a 1921 book for my Century of Books challenge. 

This is a great book. It started slowly and I almost stopped, but I pushed through the first dozen pages and I'm glad I did. Many great lines and words.

Man can live without food, but he can't live without fire.

I like Italian newspapers because they say what they mean...[they] read as if they were written by men, and not by calculating eunuchs. /ouch!/

chunder: To rumble loudly, to roar; to vomit

This book is a travelogue and very well done. Made me want to read Black Lamb and Gray Falcon and Journey to the Western Isles. And the bits of Italian in it, of course, made me want to restart Italian! (I know I can do better than 1/2 in the DLPT.)

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