Sunday, November 6, 2022

Quick Service, by PG Wodehouse

 Quick Service is another great book by Plum. This is the PG Wodehouse book for November. No spoilers today, just a quick post to say that this is another book with love at first sight, boy gets the girl, etc. Much aristocracy hi-jinx, stays in the country, misunderstandings, butlers butling, etc. Got this one on Audible. 

Unsure what the next Wodehouse book will be, and I'm not gonna look. I like to be surprised. Right now I am reading DH Lawrence's Sea and Sardinia. I needed a 1921 book for my Century of Books, and the library had it. Nice so far, I love well written travelogues. 

In Audible, I'm going to start Martian Chronicles tomorrow on the way to work. Wife is reading it in Kindle and she's raving about it, so thought I'd try it.

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