Saturday, November 5, 2022

The Exorcist, by William Peter Blatty

 Read this because Halloween. Almost finished it in time. Wow, what a book. 


I'd never seen the movie. Only the sections of it that are always shown when people talk about The Exorcist: the spinning head, the vomit. 

But it's so much more. So much. Lovely writing. Some of the best writing ever. "...on a splintered table the color of sadness." "The child was slender as a fleeting hope." Phrasing like those. Wonderful. 

Blatty could really write characters. Kinderman, the cop, was genius. Karras the priest, dare I say the actual Exorcist, was a very intriguing individual. I wanted more. 

Regan, the one possessed, was so much more. The demon was awesome, subtle, teasing the reader with meeting the requirements for an exorcism. And the ending, one that I expected, but still so well done. 

No more spoilers.

Next step is to watch the movie. Waiting for my wife to read it first.

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