Sunday, October 16, 2022

Mosquito Coast, by Paul Theroux

 This book was the selection for Classics Spin #31. I got it out of the library over two weeks ago! My God, this book took me forever.

The reason is, I've become obsessed with plants lately, and any free time during the day is spent reading up on all the various, and interesting, plants there are and that I want. In my house. Now. Then when my head would hit the pillow, I'd manage maybe 3-5 pages and zonk out. Frankly, I got most of my reading done while working out, between sets. 

But finish I finally did. Not sure how I feel about this book. Again, a character I really grew to loathe (cf Rabbit Run). SPOILERS, possibly: Theroux did a great job of making Allie interesting at the start. An everyman, renaissance man, whatever you want to call him, he could make or fix anything. Sure, he's caustic, point-blank, but didn't that farmer come back to him begging him for help? 

But he had crazy ideas. Even worse, he was horrible to his family. I'd never seen the movie but I have the feeling he isn't so bad on the silver screen. Who would want to see Harrison Ford playing such an awful man? I sure do hope vultures take part in his death though. SPOILERS DONE.

My first Theroux and not my last. I have Dark Star Safari on my 50 Classics List, perhaps I'll read it before or during a trip to Africa? 

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