Saturday, July 23, 2022

Tender is the Night, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

 OK, read it. Not just for the Classics Club #ccspin, but also because it is a classic and his The Great Gatsby is incredible. This one, meh. While I love Brit lit between the wars, not as hip to jazz age setting in American lit. 

Not that it was bad. Great writing, of course. But my cares for a man who screws around on his wife, or wives that do on their husbands, it's just not that interesting. I don't understand how I can watch Midsomer Murders and marvel at the seemingly ubiquitous affairs British husbands and wives have, and be entertained by it, yet when I read it in American lit, not too interested. Not sure why. 

Maybe I prefer it in comedic works? Evelyn Waugh has plenty of affairs (again, British) but they're not the point of the story. Perhaps that's it? Rosemary and Dick and Nicole and...who cares. I was, however, shocked at the relationship between two characters in Tender is the Night; didn't expect that in something written in 1934. 

Like I said, great writing. Won't argue that. The guy knew how to write. But finishing this one...not sure I'll rush out to read another by him for a long while.

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