Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Eiger Sanction, by Trevanian

 This is such a good book, by Trevanian, if that is his or her real name. 

Spoilers below:

Jonathan has a problem. He owes a sanction. To pay back the sanction of a friend of his. How about a mountain climb? Sure, why not?! 

He's an art professor. He's a lover. He's an owner of a church. Oh, and he's a contract killer. And he prefers that. He doesn't even like teaching. Even with all the coeds he could have sex with. Hell, his virgin neighbor is ready and willing, blonde and randy, yet he's got standards. Really?

Still, throughout the reading of this, all I saw in my mind's eye is Clint Eastwood. The first half of the book, IIRC, isn't even in the film. The angry gardener. The virgin/slutty neighbor. I don't even remember the sexy black woman. But I'll have to re-watch the movie.

IIRC, the movie revealed the killer differently, but I think I like the book version better. And the Audible narrator was great, the voices he did (Joe Barrett) were spectacular. 

Spoilers complete.

I'm looking forward to watching the movie this weekend. 

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