Sunday, June 19, 2022

Uncertain Glory, by Joan Sales

 Good book, war book, Spanish civil, again. Originally in Catalan. 

Spoilers commence:

The book is divided into three parts, each one in 1POV. I usually don't like book in that point of view but it started out so well. 

Main players are Lluis (in Catalan the ll is not pronounced like a y), Trini, and Cruells. A love triangle of sorts. The three parts are from their points of view, respectively. Yet, another main character, and the hub around those three spokes seem to rotate is Soleras, a difficult man, depending upon which part of the book you're reading.

The republicans aren't doing so well against the fascists, at least in the year-plus that this book covers. In the field or in Barcelona. Neither are relationships going well. Doctors, commanders, captains, lieutenants, they all have weird relationships with their wives. Ugh..

It just got to be too much by the end. Still, great writing and translating. (Trans by Peter Bush.) But I just wanted it done at the end. It dragged...

Spoilers complete.

Probably done with the Spanish Civil War for a while. 

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