Sunday, March 6, 2022

Something Light, by Margery Sharp

 I've fallen in love with Margery Sharp. She's a wonderful author, unknown to me till just recently. I cannot for the life of me remember on what blog I read about her (Furrowed Middlebrow, perhaps?), but I am thankful. 

Spoilers hence:

Something Light is a delightful romp through British life in the 1950s. Oh how I love the estates with their ponies and borzoi, the resident homes filled with seniors, the darling mummy's. Echos of Elizabeth Bowen, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, Elizabeth Taylor. Poor, dear Louisa, intent on marrying, failing at every turn. She's terribly fond of men, and men are fond of her, yet as a friend, a confidant, a helper, an aide-out-of-troubles. Of course she finds Mr. Right in an unexpected place, and finally realizes she'd been trying too hard. Upon letting down her guard, she allows herself to be courted, and the reader is left to guess when the wedding bells shall ring. 

Spoilers, alas, complete.

I will buy more Margery Sharp. In fact, I already have. Quite daring for having just read one, but I expect I'll like her other works, and I foresee several firsts on my shelf, next to Something Light

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