Saturday, August 20, 2022

Civil Wars, by Caesar

 Picked my Loeb copy of Caesar's Civil Wars off the shelf last weekend and breezed through books I and II. Then was busy during the week. Finished book III, and thus the book, today, after moving our youngest into her college dorm. Sadness.

What do you need to know, dear reader, about this book? An Army travels on its stomach. As do its horses. That was a big theme in the book, finding corn and provender. Enough discussion about moving armies here or there, high-ground, slaughter, all that. But really, if you didn't have food for men and animals (not to mention water), you were pretty much screwed.

This one ends in Alexandria, with that war about to start. Classical civilization was war. Now I'm in search for (a cheap version of) Loeb's number 402, covering his wars in Alexandria, as well as Africa and Spain. 

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