Monday, January 16, 2023

Children of Cain

Update #2 below!

 I just served as beta-reader for a friend's book. Imagine an Earth where, thousands of years ago, a promiscuous gene allowed those "other" humans to mate, and more importantly produce, with the tool-making homo sapiens. Fast forward to today, and there are organizations who track demi- and semi-humans out there, monsters, shape-shifters and even the changeling

These are the Children of Cain

In this world, where the Soviet Union still exists and the moon is on the verge of crashing into the Earth, Moss Rose is the director of the Exceptional Crimes Bureau (ECB), a division of the FBI. His team includes a werewolf, mind-reader, the changeling, a shape-shifter, leprechaun, a half-water nymph unnaturally lucky man, and a few others. The settings are awesome, where the reader meets a young sasquatch bartender, dozens of male flying fairies who steal earrings and suck on boobs without permission, and a leprechaun brewer of horrible alcohol. Not to mention the Succubus, the murder of whom is the main reason for the book. 

I can't wait to see this book in print. 

As this book doesn't have a cover yet, I'll end with this awesome painting of Puck, by sir Joshua Reynolds.

Update: The book is published in a Kindle version! You can buy it here. And below is the actual cover. 

Update #2: The book is now available in paperback

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