Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Harry Potter i kamen mudraca

 Finished, for the second time, the first Harry Potter book in Croatian. (I "read" it the first time in 2020 prior to my deployment.) Harry Potter i kamen mudraca was tough. My Croatian is still coming along, but my vocab is still weak. Thankfully I know the story. And I'm sure my dear reader(s) know the story as well. 

Why did I listen-read this book in Croatian? I'm following a program called Listening-Reading (L-R). Theory is you listen-read to the book in the foreign language three times, then you move to L1 for one of the modalities. For instance, if I want to work on my listening, I'd listen in Croatian and read in English. 

Not sure if I'll listen-read it again in Croatian, perhaps L-R Hunger Games (Igre Gladi), which I also have. But who knows. For now I'm going wait a bit till the next Croatian read.

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