Friday, October 22, 2021

The White Nile, by Alan Moorehead

 Great book! What is it about these adventure books, about those Brits and Germans and Americans in the 1800's who struck out with not much on their bodies and tons of sherpas. This book is about the discovery of the source of the Nile. So many men went looking for it, and when they went, they would walk hundreds of miles in search. Through other people's kingdoms, and if they were diplomatically lucky, they'd make it. But none of this was quick. 

Some of them took years to move from Zanzibar to Lake Victoria. Many (Emin anyone?) spent years and years in Africa. Truly understood Africans. Still, in a minute they could be felled, laid out in front of what passes for a city hall, missing their heads. Communications took weeks, if they got through at all. 

Since I had read The Journals of Major-Gen C.G. Gordon, I knew "the ending" of this book. Still hurt in the heart.

This is what this book covers. And it was a great ride. 

I borrowed this book from my boss, then of course I spilled something on the dj, so I bought a replacement for him. Hopefully it'll be here soon. As I finished this today, I borrowed another book form the boss, which I'll start soon: The Kaiser's Holocaust, by David Olusoga and Casper Erichsen. 

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