Friday, October 29, 2021

The Ballad of Black Tom

 Oh what a book. Oh what a recommendation. Thank you, wife!

Black Tom is a short book, novella really, filled with magical realism. Slowly and subtly introduced, just as I like it. Victor LaValle wrote a great story, a la HP Lovecraft. I read this in a day. (Plane flight helped.) 

Dear reader(s) know I don't like to give spoilers, and I still won't. All I'll say is this book is fantastic, in all the meanings of the word. Well written, with plenty of wonderful homages to HPL fans. 

I'd never heard of LaValle before, but I'm on the lookout now for his other books. My wife mentioned his book The Changeling, which means something in our family, so I'll most definitely be reading that in the future. Perhaps that'll be a family book club choice in the future soon?

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