Saturday, February 6, 2021


 This year's testing is complete, and I've got great news. For the first time since I started taking DLPTs 30+ years ago, I finally got a 3/3 in Russian. 

For the uninitiated among my dear reader(s), that's a great score. That's the max you can score on the lower range DLPT. Yes, I can sit for the upper range test, but holy hell, I think I barely made the 3/3 this time. Not sure I wanna try for a 3+. Honestly don't think I am a 3+.

So, listening and reading tests done for a year. I did the OPI on Tuesday, but of course those take a bit of time before the results come through. Last time I got a 2+, which was miraculous. This time I think I'm a solid 2 but possibly a 2+. She was pushing me with multiple topics, and that's normally a sign they're trying to get you to the next level. My God, I hope she wasn't trying to get me to a 2! 

I guess all the studying and the one-on-one with Marina worked. I'll hold off on the celebration till I get the OPI score back. Пожелай мне удачи, дорогой читатель!


  1. Well done Mike, great accomplishment! Never got better than 2/2, Shockingly spoke more in Ukraine than while in Russia. Skills now rapidly fading here in central California. When I do encounter a Russian speaker, its real small talk, nothing more. Working on my Espanol. Much more practical here.

    1. Thanks Joey. I'm still shocked. Really hoping for a good OPI score. Fingers crossed!


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